Businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs are using many marketing tools for various purposes. Some marketing tools work, but some others are only popular. People are fond of the device that is popular and working like explainer videos. Explainer videos are short and animated videos to explain an idea or tell a story in just around 90 seconds. It can be less or more, but we can categorize the video as short duration video.

Explainer videos are so popular because they work well. You won’t need to spend a lot of money to create a custom 2d explainer video for your business. Meanwhile, the ROI is high. The good explainer videos can also increase the conversion rate.

The most popular format of an explainer video is 2D motion graphics. There are many reasons why the 2D motion graphics format is accessible.

2D motion graphics format is available everywhere

It is easy to find animators that can help you because 2d motion graphics is easier to learn and implement. You can get high quality for a reasonable budget. For instance, if you would like to create an explainer video in 3d, you will need more than one animator to hire. You will need stuff for handling character animation, lighting, rent, etc. Proper motion graphics animator can control all the processes and charge hourly.

The service price is reasonable.

Compared to other formats, the price is more affordable and sensible. For a single video project, it can cost approximately $3000-$5000.

Let’s break down a bit. What do you need for creating an explainer video

Sound design
Total: $500-$1000

After this point the only price indicator is production.

The 3d animation will cost starting at $6000 per minute. Live action starts from $10000 — meanwhile, 2d motion graphics $2000-$4000.This format works perfectly with other forms.

The 2D motion graphics format works well with 3D and lives action. Anyways, if you need to showcase your product in and out in 3d you can create a short animation in 3d or live action and then the other part you can do in 2d motion graphics. If you need to tell a story, you don’t need an expensive format. 2d motion graphics works perfectly. This format is even used by big brands like Google, MailChimp or Slack

This format is easy for 1×1 or 16×9.

This is very important as you can use your video on some of the most popular social media platforms. Let’s take an example from an Instagram video. The video will look much more helpful if the aspect ratio is 1×1.

Revisions work perfect and easy to do

This is another perk for this format. For example, after some period you would like to make small changes in the video(branding is changed or product description) you can easily do with 2d motion graphics with a more modest budget. This will be almost impossible with live action and very expensive with the 3d format. In live action, you will need to reshoot the objects and dissect the videos. The work will be rigorous and time-consuming. Meanwhile, the 3D format can be much more expensive than the live action format. None of them give you the best solution except 2D motion graphics.