Microsoft SharePoint is known to be the most preferred browser-based CMS and Web application platform that was specifically developed to help organizations to manage web portals. Organizations use SharePoint for its collaborative nature where documents and files can easily be accessed and organized and at the same time run an intranet portal, extranet and various websites. Here are few Use Cases of SharePoint in a Microsoft environment.

Enterprise Content Management
SharePoint offers several features to search, track, and manage documents that are saved electronically. It fulfils the process management requirements completely and gives real-time editing and synchronization with other Microsoft services such as Office and Windows.

SharePoint Intranet
SharePoint intranet or internet lets enterprise organizations can leverage Intranets to efficiently manage interdepartmental communications and access information in a hassle-free way thereby addressing employee engagement and manage everything on a centralized process management thereby addressing costs and efforts associated with employee engagement.

Collaboration Software
Enterprises can host a multiple of features that are focused on seamless collaborations such as shared mailboxes, document storage, tasks, appointments etc. Collaboration in SharePoint allows users to streamline communication both within the team as well across the organization.
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SharePoint comes equipped with unique features that are aimed towards collaboration such as social collaboration, shared mailboxes, and dedicated storage for document storage. This makes it the most suitable solution for corporations as SharePoint can host huge amount of data and help organization effectively manage communications/

Departments within an organization leverage SharePoint to advance their workflows and enterprise location systems. It integrates well with the project management tools and best part it, it offers endless customization without the need of coding or deployments. The level of solution development and governance offered by Microsoft SharePoint are focused more on static information such as documents, policies and commonly searched workplace portals. As a result, SharePoint makes it easy for the users having bare minimum experience in technology to easily update important information.
Moreover, SharePoint migration is relatively easier in an Office365 environment, especially when considering large business areas. Considering the size and depth of interdepartmental communications, SharePoint sites prove to be the single source of truth across the organization.

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