Yoga is arguably the biggest new trend in the Western world when it comes to health and mind benefits. An increasing number of people are seeing the benefits of practicing it regularly and followers now count millions. It is possible to find some very famous artists who rely on this practice for their work. Also, CEOs, writers and all kind of important positions in the world trust their well-being to this ancient technique. The most widely used type of yoga today is the Ashtanga version. Read on and find out which are the benefits of Ashtanga´s most popular asanas or poses.
The yoga asanas
Yoga asanas are the core of the practice and the muscles that you work out by just holding them in time are usually core balance ones for your body. In the case that you already practice yoga Dubai or have done some prenatal yoga Dubai, you will know that the benefits of doing the asanas properly will add balance and improve your posture leading to less contractures, back and neck pain.
Mostly every yoga center in Dubai offers the basic of Hatha yoga, which is the best to learn to have the basic knowledge and go through the right way of using crucial parts of your body like your spine, hips and the sustaining muscles to make them stronger.
Relaxation through yoga asanas takes time because you have to learn to do them properly to enjoy them, but after some time it´s the answer to most ailments.

Adho Mukha Svanasana – The downward dog
This yoga pose resembles a half triangle formed with the back part of the body. Its benefits are related to stretching the hamstrings, decompressing the spine, and strengthening both your arms. Also, because it flushes oxygen right to the brain, it calms your mind down.

Sukhasana – Easy Pose
It is very common to recognize the easy pose because it is a very common yoga practice. People sit on the floor with legs crossed over each other and the hands together in the middle. If your spine is correctly straight, the benefits you get from this pose are related to relaxing and calming down aches, anxiety and anger.
Bandha Sarvangasana – Bridge
This is a very popular yoga pose too and is practiced by yoga and non-yoga lovers. It helps a lot to strengthen the spine, enhancing its flexibility drastically. It also works on your hip joints by opening them up as well as your chest. This pose stimulates your thyroid, which is very good for human body functioning and also has been tested positively to reduce stress, insomnia, anxiety and can help to cope with depression.

Virabhadrasana I – Warrior 1
This pose requires an arm to the sky with a flexed knee. The benefits are plenty and they are especially big for those who have heavy days at work and need to relax. Among the physical benefits, this asana strengthens legs and feet; being especially effective on your knee muscles. Besides these benefits, it also works opening your shoulders and chest, improving your posture and focus at the same time.

Chaturanga – Four Limbed Staff

This yoga pose is used in many other training disciplines and is also known as the plank. It is not difficult to perform, but takes a lot of strength to keep it that way. The benefits of this yoga posture are big on your wrists, arms and also your abdomen. It is a strengthening posture and also a preparation for more challenging postures that involve arm balancing head down.

Trikonasana – Triangle
The triangle is formed with your foot, hand, armpit and hip. The other hand is offered to the sky. The benefits are centered in your spine, you will get improved flexibility, help your shoulders alignment, relieve the stiffness in your neck and ease your back. With practice and dedication, this posture will help you improve your posture; just remember to do it always on both sides.

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