The Travel and Hospitality industry is turning immense. A healthy growth in digitalization is also at the rim of the basket.

It’s difficult to captivate the travellers to your website and make them one of the app users.

One needs to probe for Which traveller’s tribe is it? Or What is the purpose of travelling?

Is the traveller exploring a destination or a nature lover, a family on a vacation or a business traveller attending a seminar?

Are they the spiritualist looking for a peaceful and isolated place, a group of youngsters searching for adventures, a simplicity seeker or a travel aspirant?

The travel industry is not only limited to flight bookings and hotel services, but it has a wide variety of travel offerings. Some of the most creative travel services include:

Active tourism (adventures)
Culinary tourism ( farm tours, dines, vineyard trips, food markets, street food sessions, and more)
Solo tours
A travel photography

With the increase in purchasing power of people, addiction to smartphones and internet penetration, technology has reshaped the Travel and Hospitality industry.

It has outperformed with a positive growth in the global economy.

The advancement in digitizing the cores of travel services revolves around the Virtual Reality (VR), Big Data, Mobile apps, Augmented Reality (AR), machine learning, and the social media.

This has made a headway for the new startups to own the travel apps that are highly interactive, user-friendly and custom-featured for the tech-friendly tourists.

Cruise into the digital transformation in the Travel & Hospitality industry

The enhancements in travel services and business operations have seen a crystal-clear extensive growth in the number of travellers and passengers worldwide.

Online Travel agents (OTA) get a key to relish the benefits of providing cost-effective and time savvy travel services. Let’s see!

The search options for the tourists and voyagers has digitized the last minute booking of the flights, train, bus, hotel rooms, meals or even calling a cab and other travel and hospitality services.

Just in time travel bookings can now be searched with the ‘Today’ or ‘Tonight’ options.

It shows the available choices, the stats of sold and vacant seats/rooms/tables, discounts and other featured items while performing a search.

This has made it possible to get the desired trip with good travel deals.

Also, the Voice Search is the newest wrinkle trending in the travel and hospitality industry. It develops an interest among travellers to perform a search to book a trip.

The number of train or flight missouts has decreased with fetching the digital boarding pass or e-tickets through smartphones when a passenger is on the way to reach airport or railway station.

The travellers can now easily socialize their tour photos or videos on social media.

Furthermore, the digital platforms that are especially for the discount coupons, and price comparisons are creating a whole new fashion of cost-effective quality travel deals.

Online reviews on the hotels, food quality, rooms, hospitality in flights and much more is also digitized to give a sense of trust to the customers.

The real success of digital travel lies in the degree of personalized services. Learn more on the digital tools responsible for growth in the Travel and Hospitality industry.

New Version of Google Assistant For Travellers

Google has made the travellers lives easier and interesting.

New Google Travel planning tool tells what to pack, plan a dream vacation, track lowest priced flight tickets, search for best attractions when you are new in the city, and locate your travel destinations effortlessly.

The voice-activated Google Home has unique travel features.

It includes the Google Hotel Ads, Google Flights, Book On Google and Google Trips that comes in handy with its access on the Android and iOS systems.

These Google features for the travellers has brought forward the travel assistance capabilities on the road. More insights into the new versions of Google for Travellers:

Google’s new landing page helps to get details on the best time to book the flight tickets before Thanksgiving or December holidays and get most economic or optimum travel deals.

During the travel visits, a traveller can practice a foreign language with Google Assistant. The traveller can ask for ‘How to say’ a particular thing in a preferred foreign language.

They can make a start on questioning the Google Assistant with ‘’Okay Google’’ or ‘’Hey Google’’ and easily ask on how to order a food/, or how to ask for housekeeping services? and about anything in any foreign language.

Group chat on Google while planning a trip or looking for a restaurant, performing a travel search and much more can be performed with Google Assistant.

Voice command can assist the traveller to book a last minute flight simply by questioning Google ‘’Hey Google, How much is a flight to Paris next week?’’

Google will assist you with a list of flights, price comparisons, and flight bookings.

The tourists can get the next level of convenience with a new version of Google Assistant to read the chosen news bulletin, stay organized with the appointment schedules, and much more.

The Significance of Search Engine Optimization in the Travel & Hospitality industry

Visibility in the top page of the Search Engines is of high prioritization, especially for the travel and hospitality companies.

As with increased visibility on search engines will let the travel companies pay less commission to the OTA (Online Travel Agencies).

The travel companies can avoid intermediaries and go ahead with direct sales by being visible on the top page of search engines and avail booking services much easier for their customers.

It is more than just being top visible on the search engines. It helps the users to smoothly search and know on the offered list of products/services, converse, share details, give feedback and make payments.

The riches of Social Media Marketing(SMM) in digitizing the Travel and Hospitality industry

Social media has been a vital digital tool to earn new customers and create a brand awareness, especially for travel startups.

It has a dramatic impact with numerous marketing opportunities for the Hospitality and Travel industry.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a strong podium wherein, the content on travel and tourism is highly discussed, posted and shared with the public.

What makes the people think about booking a hotel or booking a flight ticket or try out the food at new places?

Majorly, a recommendation from a friend, word of mouth and a view in social media can keep the people thinking to buy or book the travel services.

The people are turning to the social media to research and ask questions for planning a trip, know on the food specialities and much more.

On the other hand, looking at the tempting destinations posted by others develop a craving among mass to go on a trip to the posted location.

With this, new advancements are upcoming in the Social Media Marketing (SMM) every other day.

Merits of digitalization to the travel startups

As the digital technologies and tools continue to surface swiftly, the startup’s witnesses a need for uniqueness in the travel offerings.

The travel and hospitality startups can now smartly highlight, turn more interactive, and market on the exciting travel services they offer.

The digital tools like the SEO, social media, mobile apps, and websites are the key resources with which a travel startup can create a differentiating factor to fiercely compete in the global market.

startup marketplace for travel services

The renowned travel chains have gone digital. On the other hand, the metasearch engines and OTA are having a parallel dominance giving rise to the whole new Travel Management Platforms.

A single online destination to cater to all the travel and hospitality demands are the upcoming smarts in the travel industry.

The voyager can deal with all types of travel bookings, solve the queries, get OTA services, and connect with the fellow members on the app.

Furthermore, they can use e-wallet, make a voice chat, get an expert consultation, compare prices and perform advanced search and manage the trip on a single travel app.

The startups that provide more personalization, creative app functioning, easy travel bookings on mobile, and user-friendly app features, get to climb the peak of success.

The future of Travel and Hospitality industry

The notion of e-tourism has already started to show its flourishing developments in the Travel and Hospitality industry.

With the digitalization owning a significant enhancement in the travel sector, below are the virtues touching all the corners of excellence:

Multi-linguistic support
Fast ticket bookings
Virtual Reality (VR) to get a high level of look and feel of the travel offerings
The e-ticketing for the historical places and tourist attractions
The online visa
The cultural touring platform
Robots for hospitality services
Temporary rental car apps
The online local city touring platforms

Final Thoughts:
The digitalization in Travel and Hospitality sector is forecasting great innovations in the tools for marketing to the modern-day tourist, automate the business process, more personalized travel services, direct bookings, socialization, user-generated content and much more.

The travel companies, be it a startup, SME or large scale company, will have to adopt a constant technology upgrade strategies in near future.