No matter what exam you are preparing for, the examination period is always very stressful. And, when it comes to beat the competitive exams it is like winning a gold medal in the Olympics. To achieve that gold medal, you have to do a lot of hard work, you have kept yourself focused. Not only this, you have to study hard to crack the crucial exam like UGC-NET. UGC-NET exam is the national eligibility test, which is given by the students who want to apply for the Ph.D. program. This exam requires thorough determination and preparation as it is considered to be one of the difficult competitive exams. However, to make this exam preparation easy for you, we have articulated the list of tips that can help you in cracking this exam in the first attempt.

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Understand the exam pattern with precision

In any of the exams, understanding the pattern of exam is vital and the basic step, which is prior to preparing your exam strategy to clear it. To do it, you can start by analyzing the previous year’s papers from the platform like Sarkari Results. You can also check the official website of UGC-NET to see the exam pattern.

Clearance of Concepts

Just an overview of the topic won’t let you crack the exam; you have to go through all the subjects thoroughly. You have to study all the concepts related to the subjects deeply to solve the questions with ease.

Exam Analysis

Try to analyze the exam pattern and repeated questions of previous years UGC-NET papers. This will help you in knowing the important parts related to the exam and you can also check the previous year cutoffs too, this will help you in determining your performance for the final examination. You can check the previous year’s question papers and cut off marks by visiting at the platform Sarkari Results.

Join good UGC-NET coaching center

It is nothing like that you can’t clear this exam without any coaching. It’s just there might be few topics in which you will find yourself weak. In that case, taking coaching from the experts can help you in number ways. The tricks to solve the questions can be of good help. But, in the end it is crucial that you choose the best coaching center in the area.

Practice Mock Test Papers

Practicing and revising mock test papers can help you in the number of ways. You can learn about how to manage time while giving an exam. You can see the level of your performance and preparation. Also, you will be able to understand the new techniques to solve the questions.

Study Strategically

While preparing for a UGC-NET exam, you have to study by implementing a smart strategy. For example, studying for 24 hours might not let you clear the examination, but studying for a few hours by following the right strategies can make you crack the exam in the first attempt.


To clear any examination, revision of the subjects or topics related to the exam is of utmost importance. Revising can help you in knowing where you stand. Also, it boosts the confidence level and strengthens your learning. By revision, you can also cover the topics, which you’ve missed mistakenly.

So, don’t screw your mind with stress. All you have to remain focused and take care of a few things, which we have mentioned above. And, yes at Sarkari Results, along with the previous year’s question papers, cutoffs, you can also check for the job vacancies regarding UGC-NET.