Four shopping tips for finding the perfect women’s laptop bag.
Whether you’re about to embark on a new job, celebrating a birthday, or simply feel like treating yourself; here’s a few pointers on shopping for the perfect women’s laptop bag that will last the distance.

1. Women’s laptop bags with classic colours
Black is an obvious choice for a women’s laptop bag as it is practical and will go with everything and anything. Grey and Caramel are also beautiful classic choices that are both practical and versatile. However, if you find flat black a little drab, why not try a snakeskin vegan leather? It will add a little texture and interest while still appealing to your practical sensibilities. My Best Friend is a Bag has a beautiful range of womens laptop bags in snakeskin. BfB includes a stunning contrast lining to create visual interest whilst not impacting the effect of the classic colour on the outside.

2. Consider your lifestyle when choosing the right women’s laptop bag
If you are always on the move at work, you will most likely value function as much as form when purchasing a Laptop Bags for Women’s.

If you value space and structure, The BfB Lindsay 17 Inch Women’s Laptop Bag is a classic example of a workhorse laptop bag. It has an ample amount of space for a 17 inch laptop, additional electronics, personal and work items.

If you are someone that goes straight from the office to dinner or a drink, you may want to look for a tote that seamlessly transitions from work to a night out. The Jennifer 13 Laptop Tote for women has an understated shape but ample room and easy access to your 13 inch laptop, glasses, phone and keys. If you are a working Mom or travel a lot the Melinda 15 inch women’s laptop bag is probably more suited to your lifestyle. With it’s easily accessible external pocket for your 15 inch laptop and a huge amount of room for personal items.

3. The cost per carry is important
Perfect for bar-hopping or getting around from meeting to meeting, the BfB Lucy iPad clutch/shoulder bag is the type of bag you would get more mileage from than your average clutch. The same can be said for all of the women’s laptop bags in the My Best Friend is a Bag range. Investing in a bag that is versatile by taking you from day to night or across the country will give you far more mileage. This is also applicable when considering the type of materials used. The better quality the materials the more wears you will get. My Best Friend is a Bag uses the highest quality vegan leather and brushed nickel hardware to ensure all our bags and weatherproof and durable.

4. Do your homework when considering buying a new women’s laptop bag

The primary aim is to invest in a women’s laptop bag that will last the distance. Make sure you know that the handles are reinforced and the stitching is of a high quality. BfB bags are all handmade and the handles fully reinforced. We also provide replacement handles to even further extend the life of your women’s laptop bag.

Smooth, strong zippers are essential as is the ability to easily clean the bag. Using premium quality brushed nickel zippers and vegan leather ensure BfB meets this requirement for all our bags. Protecting the base with little feet is also a small detail that will assist in extending the life of your bag.

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