Paper trading also know as Virtual trading give investor a chance to trade in Indian stock market with real money. This is good simulation for new investor or people who are new in using computer for trading. This give customer a chance to see how the stock market work without investing a lot of money into it.

The give chance to new member to play game while trading virtual money and if you are in the top contestant you can end up making some real money by playing there game.


This also provides a good simulation for trading in Indian Stock markets.

Paper trading/Virtual trading can be a good option for new investor where they can check the water before investing any real money in the stock market but they should also remember that it is virtual money and even if you make some money in this, it doesn’t mean that you can earn in the real market,

Trader Premier league is India’s first and widely popular Fantasy Stock Market App with thousands of fans and users playing the game daily and earning handsome amount of money with the help of striking knowledge of the Indian stock market app. TPL is Stock market contest game and free learn stock market and trading knowledge Available Android and iPhone app store. Play Virtual Share Trading in India (Without Risking Your Money earning apps). TPL is a special game that provides stock market lovers a real platform to enhance and showcase the skills and talents of the Indian share market. Players can build their own portfolio (buy 3 stocks and sell 3 stocks minimum) to join the contents of your desire, throw the talent, get good scores means money and complete with your fellow players and friends.

TPL is a handy android app through which fans around the world earn a handsome amount from daily contests by spending a very little amount of money. Every Indian stock market lover can enjoy their fantasy game at glory and win money using their Indian share market information and prediction.

Do you invest in real trade? Do you have the ability to identify the next event happening in the stock market? You have got a perfect game as per your interest and yes, you will earn money. So, TPL is not just a real-time enjoyable game but a money generating machine for Indian stock market nerds. With following some very easy steps, one can engage with the game and its rules quickly.

TPL is a completely legal and a fine real stock market fantasy app with an aim to horn the share market knowledge of interested people in India. The creators of the app are real stock market geeks and spend a whole day analyzing the Indian trade information and helping interested stock market people with providing money making tips on a daily basis.

The Master Minds Behind Magnificent Fantasy Game:
With the new thought of improving other’s knowledge of the share market in India, they come together and build an app where they can sharpen their stock market knowledge playing a game on their smartphones without spending very less. To compete and staying ahead in the stock market isn’t an easy task for all; one should have a keen knowledge and extraordinary skill to keep their investment safe and make it double, triple and much more.

Install a fantasy app in your smartphone today and start playing with the real financial data of Indian Stock Market.

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