Since the inception of smartphone, telecom industry is in a state of flux. The race to launch new services has intensified as telcos look to offset the loss of revenue due to OTT (Over the top) services. However, investing in newer technologies and expecting sure shot returns is nothing less than wishful thinking. Especially when it comes to complex technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), the task of making them economically viable is riddled with challenges. This is why; you need to partner with the right vendors like an accomplished IoT connectivity provider to make the most of your newly launched service.

Importance of IoT for Businesses
To understand why IoT needs to be subsumed in telecom services, one has to look at the many advantages it offers in different domains:
1. IoT in healthcare – With IoT integration in the healthcare industry, it is possible to offer medical assistance over the Internet and disseminate medical supplies via drones. There is also room for improvement in diagnostics as it is possible to collate information from different sources that are connected via a seamless IoT platform. For example, a doctor can check the entire medical history of a patient by accessing data from fitness watches, BP machines, smart treadmills and other smart devices that have vital health information stored in them.
2. IoT in retail – In retail industry, it is possible to integrate sensors into merchandise, so that buyers are able to find them easily when they access a store. The same sensors can be used for managing inventory in a much better way. It is also possible to keep track of the condition, in which, perishable items are kept. For example, a store owner can check the humidity level and the temperature of his storage unit even from his home.

Make the Most of IoT Opportunities by Associating with a Quality IoT Connectivity Provider

As seen above, the business opportunities that IoT presents are immense. Considering the rate at which IoT devices are increasing, IoT as a business tool will become indispensable in the coming years. Hence, it is vital for telecom operators to plan for the future and integrate it in their operations as soon as possible.

To make the most of these opportunities, telcos need to partner up with an IoT connectivity provider that can offer:
1. Reliable connectivity: for ensuring the connection is maintained between the sensors, the connectivity needs to be consistent.
2. Security: IoT devices are susceptible to hacker threat, which is why; a sound encryption is an absolute necessity for safe operation of IoT devices.

Besides the above mentioned attributes, it would be best if the IoT connectivity provider can also double up as a billing provider. Monetization of IoT services is essential to reap rich rewards in the longer run and hence, an accomplished billing vendor is required. There are many IoT services provider in NY like Vcare, which specialize in offering both connectivity and billing services. It is best to forge a partnership with a comprehensive service provider instead of going into contracts with multiple vendors to ensure better workflow and peace of mind.