Mobile applications have made it simple to book a cab for customers and to manage the booking for owners and drivers. With just a few clicks, both customers and drivers can book and manage bookings. The taxi dispatch system is cost-effective and convenient. Along with various types of taxi booking apps, the taxi dispatch service providers have also started providing Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) service through mobile apps. NEMT dispatch software is specially designed to satisfy travel needs of disabled people. This transport system or vehicle is equipped with machines and tools that can help people to travel with special needs. It also helps the patients to reach hospital or healthcare centers on time as per the appointment booked.

The medical transportation system is designed with some special features based on the problems faced by patients and also to tackle some challenges. Below are some of the special features that the service provider and app developer can include in the non-emergency medical transport system.

Simple Dispatch System

The NEMT software should be designed to provide a complete solution in order to simplify the booking process and dispatching. The service provider can offer some special features that can also help patients to schedule the ride properly. The app should include limited features as too many features together can make the app complicated.

Tracking System with GPS

Real-time tracking has become a trend since the arrival of the transportation system. The service provider should provide a tracking facility for both drivers and customers. As with the tracking system driver can locate the customer and reach the pickup location on time. Meanwhile, customers can track the location of the driver and estimate the time of arrival.

Map Integration

Maps play an important role in the transportation system. The non-emergency medical transportation system should be integrated with Google maps or any other mapping platform. This helps automate the process and determine effective routing system. With integrated mapping system dispatchers or drivers can find the best possible route to help passengers reach the location on time and offer convenience to the passenger.

Real-time Reporting

Real-time reporting about customers, trips, revenue generated help the owner to understand the business better and find ways to improve it. The NEMT dispatch software should include all the essential features that help the owner or dispatcher to generate the required information and make necessary changes in the service.

Payment Gateway

The nemt system should be integrated with the payment gateway to receive payment easily and track all the funding sources. The payment system should help to retrieve data of invoices and also configure online payment system without any errors. The systematic payment system helps the service provider automate the payment system and track all the transaction done. The service provider can also receive online payment and digitize the entire payment process.

Other important features that the business can consider is social integration, feedback system, and maintain relevancy. The service provider should only provide the information that is relevant and useful to the customers. The app should also allow users to customize the app. Customization can include selecting a color, font and social application. The feedback system or the reviews and rating system in the app allow customers to rate the service provided and also provide any feedback. The feedback by customers can help the service provider to improve the app and service and offer better user experience.

NEMT software providers offer standard and special vehicles. The customer can select the vehicle as per the requirement. The NEMT software helps the business to provide better service to people with special needs. The goal of the business or transport service provider is to deliver a service that can offer comfort to the customers. Hence, service providers are using the mobile application to simplify the booking process and offer affordability and convenience.

Increasing number of mobile app development companies and mobile app developers are designing NEMT dispatch software to offer uninterrupted service for the people and avail medical service or procedure that is important for their health. NEMT also saves operational cost, offers efficiency, manage any changes in the trip, and track the driver in real-time, and helps in storing and saving data.

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