I am the founder of bodyFood Inc. A company that specializes in using the power of essential oils and botanicals for oral health. Our 100% natural dental serum and mouthwash represents a much needed paradigm shift in oral healthcare.

I started my career in the pharmaceutical world compounding patient specific chemotherapy and IV preparations. Later I developed an interest in natural body care products and took an extensive course in Integrative Aromatherapy and became a Certified Aromatherapist.

My expertise lays in creating leading edge products using pure essential oils. Educating the consumer on essential oils, the powerful health benefits that they provide, and how to use them properly, is a passion of mine.

Working with essential oils has enlightened me on their vast healing properties and of their positive impact when incorporated into an individual’s environment. The advantage of using pure essential oils in your every day life is endless and the bodyFood line was created to make it simple, effective and to give you the best value available.