I would like to share my own experience at Aura Homeopathy clinic & research centre- India, of treating headache-migraine with Constitutional Homeopathic Approach. Although conventional medicine science report that migraines can’t be cured and allopathic medicine can only decrease the symptoms and pain, As per my experience, homeopathic medicine are strongly suggested for Migraine headache In my own experience I have seen that Migraine headache is totally curable and it response Best to homeopathic treatment.

Aura Homeopathic treatment of Migraine is totally different from conventional treatment. As per Dr.Abhishek Kasana M.D, homeopathy treats a person , as a whole person, and not the disease. The healing of Migraine is achieved in homeopathy by strengthening the body immunity. Once the Best homeopathic medicine for Migraine is selected, migraine headache disappear. (see Top Homeopathic medicine for Migraine). At Aura Homeopathic Clinic & Research Centre, our Team of Best Homeopathic Doctor in Delhi, focus on the patient’s overall constitution, and we try to find complete cure. Homeopathy treats a person , as a whole organism, and not a disease.

I want to present one of my patient treatment statement:

This 26-year-old lady was suffering from migraine headache since last 7 years. She told me that she had frequent 2-3 days of migraine attack every week from last three years. The headache was extremely severe. Patient complaints, that she has very intense migraine pain several times, she was out of despair due to which she could not reach her work place office at all.

During her 1st homeopathic consultation, she described me her entire treatment history, all about her current health ailments and headache attacks. The headache was pulsating, extremely severe, headache starts around the right eye and extend back to the nape of neck, headache aggravated with sun exposure and alcohol intake. Headache aggravated by the bow, and her symptoms get relieved by lying in silence and darkness. Headache were accompanied with nausea & vomiting, and at times along with visual destruction. She had a little thirst and staying in the draft, cause pain in frontal cavities.

The homeopathic medicine I selected for this lady was Belladonna.

-Severe headaches on the right,

-Headache start over the right eye and spread to the nape

-Aggravated by staying in the sun, alcohol.

In homeopathic literature, it is also possible to find that headaches are often accompanied by vomiting, vision impairment and that they are improved by lying in a dark room in peace and silence. Other symptoms that confirm the medication are frequent burns, low thirst and pain in the cavities.
After 1st dose of Belladona, the migraine intensity was significantly reduced. During the first 3 months, the patient reported 30% low intense migraine. The first “migraine attack” occurred six days after taking first dose, but intensity of pain was low. The headache was significantly weaker compared to the original migraine, and the patient told me that she had the usual feeling of developing a seizure, but that eventually did not occur. For the remaining 2 seizures, the pain was approximately 40-50% milder than the original migraine and lasted only 12 hours (without the use of any painkillers). Since then, no migraine has occurred.
The above case shows the law of similarity in our classical homeopathic practice. A Good Homeopathic Doctor’s job is to find a medicine that has been shown to be as close as possible to the patient’s illnesses when tested in healthy individuals and during clinical observation.
Belladonna not only cure headaches, but also covers a variety of ailments. It is also used successfully for inflammations, abscesses, acute fever illnesses, high blood pressure, convulsive disorders such as epilepsy or chorea, thyroid disorders but also manic seizures, psychotic conditions and many other problems.

The above case is among those “ideal” when treatment has a rapid effect. Not all migraine cases manage to remove the seizures so quickly, but the prognosis is generally very good. In some patients, treatment lasts for several months or even years before seizures can be completely eliminated, however, noticeable pain relief and reduced frequency of seizures usually occur within 12 weeks of receiving the right medicine. Long-term treatment of migraine in adult patients with pubertal or even childhood headaches is because such pains are strongly conditioned by genetic predisposition. Simply note, the longer you suffer from migraines, the slower the treatment will be.

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