Juicers and blenders are a godsend. These products have made our work easier since 1922. The first-ever blender to be created was made specifically to make shakes. With the passage of time, juicers and blenders have become automated and easier to use. With built-in functions and easier usability, blenders and juicers have made it possible for us to save a lot of time.

Although making use of a blender or a juicer is extremely easy, cleaning these is not that simple. Before we begin talking about how to clean a juicer, you need to understand why you need to clean a blender:

1. To clean the blades and the interiors of the blender,
2. To make sure there are no remnants of what you blended,
3. And to ensure that nothing is stuck in the blender, which may jam it.

How can you clean a blender?

Whether you have a juicer blenderjuicer blender in any other part of the world, it is important to properly clean the blender. It is obvious that you will clean the blender once you are done blending the fruits or vegetables. Rinsing it water and drying the blades is a customary practice after the use of a juicer.

However, a deep clean is required once in a while. Deep cleaning a blender or juicer will ensure that your blender does not have any particles stuck inside. What is more, is that you may miss certain strands or fibers of the fruit that are stuck around the blades when you rinse it with water, such particles can be cleaned easily after a deep clean.

Tricks to help you clean a juicer blender:

Before you begin to clean your juicer blender, here are some things that you will need:

1. Baking soda,
2. Dish soap (mild),
3. A soft brush,
4. Scrubber,
5. A soft cloth,
6. Salt, and
7. A Spatula.

To clean a juicer, you will need to make disassemble the juicer after you unplug it. You can make use of the booklet to make sure that you do not break certain parts of the juicer. Once you have disassembled the juicer, you will need to rinse each part of the juicer with clean water and make sure that you dry every part with a soft cloth. You should scrub the parts of the juicer with the help of a scrubber or a brush.

You could also fill the sink with dish soap and clean water, dip the pieces of the blender and leave it there for a while. Doing so will help you to get a deep clean. Once you have cleaned each part properly, you can dry the pieces and put them together.

5 handy tips to clean a juicer

Since cleaning a juicer blender is a complex task, there may be certain things that you may be confused about. Here are some handy tips to clean the juicer:

1. Since cleaning a juicer is a complex task, you will need a soft towel to help you out. As you would be cleaning the juicer with liquid cleansing elements, there is a chance that you would spill a lot of it on the ground. Make sure of the towel to wipe off the dripping liquid so that you do not slip and injure yourself.

2. Juicers collect a lot of dust and fibers of the fruits and vegetables. You should clean the filter from time to time.

3. Wipe the juicer from time to time, in order to remove the watermarks and fingerprints.

4. You could make use of vinegar to clean your blender in order to ensure that there are no sediments in the juicer.

5. For those residues that are stubborn and hard to get rid of, you can dip the juicer in dish soap or in a solution of white vinegar.

Making use of the above-mentioned tips will help you to get rid of the accumulated dirt in the juicer blender. Since juicer blenders are constantly blending vegetables and fruits, it is easy for the blades and the blender to accumulate residues. Regular cleaning will help you to get rid of these remains and will help you to protect your juicers.

Leaving your juicers unclean may cause damage to it and may make it dysfunctional.

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