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Have you recently found some white spots on your child’s teeth?
You cannot overlook them at all as these spots can be a sign for the enamel breaking down. Or it can be a symbol of early sensitivity in the teeth. Whether your kids are 5 years old or 15 years, tooth decay has turned out to be a common problem. Hence, for the parents, it is an alarming note to be more careful with their toddler’s teeth. Before you get to know how to stop these signs of decay from occurring, it is worth learning what causes them.
What causes tooth decay in a child?
Basically, in children tooth decay is caused by bacteria and few other reasons. For instance, when your child consumes foods containing carbohydrates, and these are left on the teeth. There are already bacteria living in the mouth which change these foods, converting them into acids. Now it is the combination of bacteria, food, acid, and saliva which altogether form a substance called plaque. This mixture that sticks to the teeth and with the passage of time starts causing cavities.
The good news is that you can get rid of such problems if detected at an early stage. You must consult a good dentist in Parramatta for better advice. And yes, these can be prevented with some simple tips. Start reading below to find out exactly what causes tooth decay in children and what steps to consider for their healthy dental health.
Adapt Right Brushing Technique
Being parents it is your highest responsibility to teach your children the appropriate dental care. In this list, there is one which is too easy for your skids to slide. It is about the tooth brushing job. You must try to make them realize how essential brushing is for them to prevent cavities. Ensure that they are using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Guide them to be gentle and use back and forth motion on the teeth for proper cleaning. For the inner section of their front teeth, which are hard to reach, ask them to hold the toothbrush vertically and scrub out those spots nicely. And yes, don’t forget to tell them to brush their tongue.
Use Kid-Friendly Mouthwash
Including a mouthwash provides an extra boost of fluoride to strengthen your kid’s teeth. For this dentist, Parramatta recommends that for children above the age of six parents can choose a child-friendly mouthwash. Ask him to swish liquid in his mouth and then spit it out.
Keep Away From Sugary Drinks and Snacks
If your little one is in love with that cup with sugary juice, it can be really dangerous for your child. Though most of them are comforted with a bottle of sweet milk when they go to sleep, yet this can be really problematic in the long run. Don’t let them get in the habit of consuming sugar at the night time. This can be the reason for tooth decay over a period of time. You can prevent this by replacing juice with water. Say a strict no to sugary snacks around bedtime.
Flossing Is Vital
It might be difficult to convince your kids to simply brush their teeth, yet this is crucial. Encouraging your kids to floss regularly is the key to healthy oral hygiene. As it keeps the spaces between teeth clean, it turns essential as soon as your child has teeth which are positioned right next to each other.

Visit Your Dentist in Parramatta
Even if you are very careful about your child’s teeth, it is recommended to visit a dentist at regular intervals. Also if you are suspecting any problem, talk to your dentist. They can guide you the best for healthy oral hygiene habits.
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