Court reporters must be quick on their feet, and ready for anything that is sent their way. Many obstacles and challenges have to be overcome on a regular basis, if you want to be a successful court reporter and truly enjoy your job. It’s always important to be ready for anything and do what you need to when it comes to finding the best solution for difficult situations.

Here are 4 common challenges faced by court reporters that they need to overcome:
1. Less and Short Breaks
On a busy day, a court reporter may not get a lengthy break. While short breaks will be required to keep yourself grounded, you may find yourself eating a quick lunch on a short break.

2. Strong Accents and Fast Speakers
People with strong accents or who speak faster than usual can make it difficult to understand what they are saying. Ask them to slow down so that you can fully understand and take their statement with the utmost accuracy.

3. More Than One Speaker to Attend to
Another huge challenge is having to listen to multiple speakers at one time. Take the time to carefully listen to the speaker before the interview takes place, so you can hear and identify their voice. This will allow you to make an accurate statement.

4. A Tight Schedule to be Maintained
Court reporting means working at odd hours and keeping a tight schedule. You may be required to take a deposition with only a few hours’ notices, so always be ready to go when you get the call.

Court reporters have an exciting job, however, it comes with challenges that will separate the good from the best in the business. When you are faced with a challenge, it’s up to you to find an appropriate solution. Take your time and make sure things get done right the first time and the challenges won’t be so bad.

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