Whenever you feel your head is pounding, do you head towards the medicine box in your house? Or when you are very short of sleep? Do you buy sleeping pills online just because you are short of time and causing headache? Before you pop any pills, try some of these natural headache remedies to get a rid or throbbing headache.
Strengthen your neck

Sounds strange? But this pain of a headache can occur from weakness or contraction of the neck muscles. How? It is mainly because your pain travels from your upper back and then it goes down to the lower, the upper neck is weak muscles compensate to say when you spend too much time on a computer or buy sitting idle.

Push pressure points
Touching the main pressure points is one of the age-old remedies that overcome your headaches and may help dim headache pain. Try rubbing the two major points on either side of your spine at the nape of your neck (right beneath the point at the bottom of your head).