Laptops have become indispensable in modern times, for both students and professionals. It’s also important to note that just like any other electronic device, laptops have limited life spans, and if maintained properly you can increase the longevity of your machine and also keep it running at optimal performance. You will finds hundreds of businesses in every major city dedicated solely to repairing and maintenance of laptops. HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer laptopsacer laptop can easily be bought from retail stores or online. No matter which brand you pick it’s essential that you maintain your laptop thoroughly in order to obtain maximum benefit from it. Here’s a guide that will tell you about 10 tips to maintain your laptop efficiency:

1. Clean your laptop periodically:
Laptops due to being portable, are susceptible to a lot of rough use. A direct result is that a lot of dust particles can make their way to the insides of the laptop and eventually affect its performance. Clean your laptop thoroughly every few weeks, especially areas like heat fans and keyboards.

2. Software updates: Apart from physical maintenance, keeping your software and drivers updated is also essential to maintaining laptop efficiency. Update drivers and software on a regular basis. Make sure you have the right drivers installed in order for your laptop to function at maximum capacity.

3. Anti-virus: It goes without saying that having a strong and licensed antivirus is essential to keep your system up and running. Antivirus protects against a variety of threats such as phishing attacks, DDoS attacks, Data forging etc apart from keeping a host of viruses at bay. These can wreak havoc with the performance of your laptop.

4. Traveling:
While traveling makes sure that you take out any CDs which are inserted into the slot.

5. Laptop bags: Laptop bags have an appropriate amount of cushioning which is needed to protect your laptop from the hazards of traveling. If you use public transport and carry your laptop, it’s essential that you invest in a sturdy bag which will give your laptop the protection it needs.

6. Overheating: Over a period of time, laptops get more prone to overheating their cooling mechanisms weaken. Make sure that you get external cooling solutions and use your laptop at appropriate temperatures as recommended by the manufacturer.

7. Turn off: Turning of laptops is an idea that many are averse to. For ensuring laptop efficiency make sure that you shut down your laptop once in a while.

8. Free your hard drive: Keep your hard drives decluttered and make sure that you always have the minimum recommended free space on your hard disk drive.

9. Defrag: Defragmentation is something which is quite similar to formatting a laptop and you can do it easily on your own. Defragmenting your system once in a while will keep up the performance of your laptop.

10. Use trusted networks: Public internet at airports, cafes, hotels etc should only be used in emergency. If you have to use public wifi make sure you access it through a VPN.

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